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Education (Canadian)

Adventist Educational Facilities and Institutions – A comprehensive North American Adventist Educational Directory.

Amazing Facts Center Of Evangelism – Trains and equips clergy and lay people in all aspects of evangelistic ministry.

Canadian University College – A campus where the student can discover a profound change within themselves which will ultimately change the world for the better!

Kingsway College – The mission of Kingsway is to reflect Jesus Christ in a Seventh-day Adventist environment that encourages personal, spiritual commitment that fosters academic excellence, physical fitness, sensitive service and growth in employment and social skills.

Mission College Of Evangelism – This program is designed to train, in a short time, those who want to be soul-winners for Christ and will give you the skills you need to be an effective co-laborer with Jesus.

Churches (Canadian)

Botwood Seventh-day Adventist Church – The Botwood membership invite you to stop by and explore their website!

Conception Bay South Seventh-day Adventist Church – Pastor Jason Williams and the church congregation welcome you to join us in worshipping the Lord each Sabbath morning.

Corner Brook Seventh-day Adventist Church – Pastor & Mrs. Logan welcome you!

Marystown Seventh-day Adventist Church – Located on the southern tip of Newfoundland (Burin Peninsula), the Marystown SDA Church Website offers you a comprehensive, Bible-based site for your spiritual enlightenment. (Pastor Nathan James)

St. John’s Seventh-day Adventist ChurchPastor Eric Ollila extends a warm welcome for you to stop in the next time you are looking for a church to visit.  In St. John’s you will be greeted by a warm and loving family, of various cultural backgrounds, and of all ages.  Visit us on the web for more information! 


Adventist Health – A family of caring people reaching out to those in need. Following Christ’s example of servanthood, Adventist Health promotes physical, mental and spiritual health and healing.

Black Hills Health and Education Center – At Black Hills, every day is an adventure, and every day brings you closer to better health. Services include great meals, exercise sessions, classes on health, nutrition and stress management, cooking classes and more!

Coronary Health Improvement Project – An affordable, 30 day lifestyle education program.

Health Expo Lifestyle Programs – Emphasizing “Total Health” – meaning a balance and optimum function of all dimensions of life: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.

NEWSTART – an 18-day program which incorporates the following principles to restore your health: Nutrition + Exercise + Water + Sunlight + Temperance + Air + Rest + Trust in Divine Power

Weimar Institute – A non-profit organization dedicated to improving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. All health and education programs are designed to produce life changing benefits that will last for eternity.


Adventist Radio Online – The Adventist Radio Network is a non-profit organization which was founded in the 1960’s and formally incorporated in 1992. The Adventist Radio Network consists of 32 Seventh-day Adventist owned (institutional and private) radio stations, full-service repeaters, and translators in North America and Guam.

Adventist World Radio – “The Voice of Hope for all people!”

Amazing Facts – A Radio and Television ministry founded by Joe Crews and presently hosted by Doug Batchelor. Motto: “Reaching the World with God’s End-Time Message!”

Amazing Facts TV – View online presentations from the Amazing Facts Team!

It Is Written – Television ministry founded by George Vandeman in 1956, its’ mission was and is to spread the Good News about the life, death, resurrection and soon coming of Jesus Christ to the entire globe. Since 1992, It Is Written has been led by world evangelist, Mark Finley.

Lifestyle Magazine – Since April, 1950, Faith for Today has brought family values to television…Faith for Today produces Lifestyle Magazine hosted by Dan Matthews and McDougall MD talk shows that bring quality to your lifestyle!

Live Online – Listen to Positive Life Radio Broadcasts 24 hours a day through Real Audio!

The Quiet Hour – A faith ministry dedicated to preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus world wide. Ministries include health, radio, audio, video and literature!

Three Angels Broadcasting Network – “Using media to reach the world for Christ.” (Television and Radio Ministry.)

VOAR Christian Radio – As a member of the Adventist Radio Network, VOAR is a Canadian Christian Radio ministry owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Newfoundland & Labrador. Having begun the Station’s History in the autumn of 1929, today VOAR continues to use the specialized methods of the broadcast industry to serve Canada and the world. VOAR shares the Gospel by providing Contemporary Christian music, programs and public service in response to community needs.

Voice of Prophecy – An international, Christian audio and video broadcaster founded by H.M.S. Richards in 1929. Today’s broadcasts are presented by Director-Speaker, Lonnie Melashenko.

Word Of Truth Radio – Word of Truth Radio provides relaxing Christian music and inspiring hymns. The goal of this station is to glorify the Lord through soothing and uplifting sounds, such as the piano, harp, violin, and classical guitar, as well as other instruments. The mixture results in a peaceful blend of Christian instrumental music that will turn your mind away from the stress of life and towards the love and compassion of Christ.

Online Ministries

Adventist Book Center – “Lighting the world with quality Christian products for study and inspiration!”

Adventist Development Relief Agency – ADRA is an internationally recognized non-governmental organization working in more than 120 countries. Helping people for more than 40 years, ADRA assists those in need without regard to ethnic, political or religious affiliation. Motto: “Changing the World, One Life at a Time!”

Adventist Library – Features the largest Seventh-day Adventist Church web site directory. AdventistLibrary also has thousands of links to Seventh-day Adventist schools and resources, Ask-a-Pastor, as well as Church Beliefs and History. If you’re looking for Adventist information, go to the library –!

Adventist Review – The historic magazine that keeps you in touch with Adventist’s around the world!

Adventist Yearbook – The official Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook.

Christian Record Services – Provides free Christian publications and programs for persons with visual impairments.

LNF Books – A great place to find new and used Seventh-day Adventist books.

North American Division – Links to Seventh-day Adventist Organizations and Ministries in North America

Official General Conference Website – Adventist news, beliefs, directories, services and more!

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada – Providing strategic leadership, support, and resources to Canadian conferences and national entities.


Bible Study

1888 Message Study Committee – The truth of Christ and His Righteousness was brought more prominently before the world in 1888 through the work of two men—Elder A.T. Jones and Dr. E.J. Waggoner.

Bible Information Line – A website for anyone who wants to know more about the Bible, God’s Word. Over 340 Bible topics are available!

Bible Pro – Online Bible Search, commentaries, references and translations!

Bible Universe – Provides online Bible Studies focusing on Bible prophecy!

Biblical Perspectives – the publishing name chosen by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, because it fittingly expresses the objective of his research, namely, to examine fundamental Christian beliefs and practices from a Biblical perspective.

Daniel Prophecy Study Series – An in-depth look at the prophecies as recorded in the Book of Daniel.

DISCOVER Bible Guides – An exciting online Bible Study series that will guide you through 26 guides that will take you on a thrilling adventure through the Scriptures! – The site provides multiple Bible Studies that will assist you in finding hope, peace and security in an uncertain world.

More About Jesus – This website focuses on Jesus as the center of Scripture. The goal of More About Jesus is to help you become better acquainted with Him as your personal friend and Savior through an exciting Bible study series.

Sabbath School Network Bible Study Center – A website operated by lay members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who volunteer their time so that you can use the online capabilities of the Internet to study the Bible and/or participate in the SDA Sabbath School.

Publishing Work

Light Bearers Ministry -It is the mission of Light Bearers to assist the world church in hastening the glorious coming of Jesus Christ by helping to execute His mandate to proclaim the gospel to all the world.

Pacific Press -Quality Christian Publishing since 1874 distributing “Light for a Dark World!”

Review and Herald Publishing Association – Many published works with great spiritual content.


Spirit of Prophecy

The Ellen G. White Estate – This is the official website of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. Search the published writings of Ellen G. White also available.

Youth Resources

Advent Youth – A collection of websites that contain information on a variety of youth programs of the SDA church.

MASDAS – Memorial Association of Seventh-day Adventist Students (MASDAS) is a group made up of Seventh-day Adventist Christian students and their friends. Ministry is based on campus at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

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We become inspired to care for others because our lives have been enriched by the love, joy, peace, acceptance, and forgiveness of God. We believe that every member is a Minister and through discovering, developing, and utilizing our spiritual gifts God’s family will grow.